James Gilliland 8-7-18… “Lame Stream Media, Q, Fueless Energy, Natural and Energy Cures”


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James makes several important points in this update. He also addresses the LSM = Lame Stream Media. There are many articles I could post about false stories and/or propagandized articles (usually anti-Trump), but I’m not feeling drawn to spend hours of my time on that. I’m just remaining centered on the fact that we are all ascending in frequency, and those things that are not aligned with that frequency are dissolving, and/or falling by the wayside. But WE are going to make it!

“We are moving through a veritable hit storm. Everything is surfacing, the masks are coming off and soon everything will be made known as to people’s true intentions and motives. Many have fallen and in their own self-righteuos twisted way they actually be lie ve they are serving god when it is their own unhealed agenda influenced by unseen negative influences running the show.

“We all have…

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