About Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse


Since my last post was about red flags in those who write about narcissism, I thought I’d make today’s post about fellow survivors.

Most people who have survived narcissistic abuse are good people who are trying hard to recover. Naturally they have issues, but at least they’re working on them & working on getting healthier. They also are willing to share what they learn to help others in similar situations, & do so without any arrogance. They’re also open to input from other people, because they realize they don’t know it all- there is always more to learn on this topic.

Not every victim is this way, however. Some turn abusive.

I don’t know why some victims try to heal & why some become abusive but it does happen sometimes. If you’re going to interact with other victims through online support groups, reading blogs or on social media, you need…

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Trump Scores Huge!

Trump is real; Obama was a fake.

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President Donald Trump is winning on all cylinders.

First, Trump’s approval rating just hit 50 percent at Rasmussen. Trump is now 5 points higher than Barack Obama on the exact day of his second year in the White House.
But what’s truly amazing is Trump has had well more than 90 percent negative news coverage. Meanwhile, Obama enjoyed an 8-year love-fest with the media. It was eight years of genuflecting and knighting Obama a hero. After all that, Trump beats him by 5 points. Amazing.

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The CIA Conspired with MI6 to Spy on Trump – Wayne Jett

The CIA Conspired with MI6 to Spy on Trump – Wayne Jett – The Queen’s Secret War on Trump!

Sarah Westall

Program description: Wayne Jett returns to the show to share his research regarding the CIA, MI6, and the Queen’s involvement with destabilizing the Trump administration. He also explains the recent death of Trump’s secret service agent and the suspicious facts that are materializing that point to an assassination attempt on President Trump on British soil.

JOE MARTINO: “20 Profound Quotes By Carl Jung That Will Help You To Better Understand Yourself”

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One of the things I love about Carl Jung is the fact that he was a deep philosophical thinker who examined all aspects of the self when writing about the human experience. As you will see in the quotes below, Jung was clear on the notion that we are spiritual beings, and that having a spiritual relationship with oneself truly helps us to understand the deeper aspects of who we are.

To some, this idea translates to religion — to finding solace in the existence of something greater than yourself — but I believe this to be a fickle form of spirituality, and one that does not truly help a person get to the core of who they are (or, alternatively, who they are not). According to http://www.cgjungpage.org:

“Carl Jung was one of the creators of modern depth psychology, which seeks to facilitate a conversation with the unconscious energies which…

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The Mechanics of Deception

The Illustrated Primer

Christopher Steele The Prince of Deception

Much has been said and written about Christopher Steele’s authorship of the notorious document that alleges Russia-Trump collusion. According to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS (who plead the Fifth and only spoke through his lawyers), Steele was hired by them in June 2016 to gather information about “links between Russia and [then-presidential candidate] Donald Trump.” Pursuant to that business arrangement, Steele prepared a series of reports styled as intelligence briefings, some of which were later compiled into a collection of documents and published by a number of media outlets and later become known as the “Trump dossier.”

On the face of the dossier, it appears that Steele gathered his data from multiple sources in Russia, former Soviet union (FSU) countries, and the US. He then edited the raw intelligence—which seems to be a combination of conversations and notes—organized it in a summarized brief format, and published/leaked it in…

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August 8, 2018: The Lion’s Gate & Trump and Sessions Playing the Cosmic Game [videos] ~ August 8, 2018


August 8th, or 8/8 is known as the Lion’s Gate Portal. What does that mean? Even if you know nothing about astrology, the 8-8-8 occurring today—this year—should tell you it’s of “yuge” importance—and to be followed three days later by a solar eclipse—off the charts! A midsummer night’s dream!

August 8th (8-8) is known among the woo-woo community as The Lion’s Gate—a date, annually, where the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center and Sirius

Numerologist Felicia Bender explains that eight, AKA the number of infinity, “is an amplifier. When you see it, it’s always offering challenges and opportunities in the realm of personal empowerment. And once that’s achieved, then, it’s about material manifestation and abundance.”  Source

The dark and the Light both understand the constellations and the movements of the stars and use the prevailing energies to navigate the Earthly chess board.

Not being a chess player, I appreciate a…

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U.S.T.R. Announces Protection of US Innovation

Next, shut down the connection between the U.S. Patent Office, SERCO, and the British throne…

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The Office of the United States Trade Representative today released a list of approximately $16 billion worth of imports from China that will be subject to a 25 percent additional tariff as part of the U.S. response to China’s unfair trade practices related to the forced transfer of American technology and intellectual property.

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