Nature Walk – Green Cay Summer Quiet


Nature Walk – Green Cay Summer Quiet

It’s August, it’s hot, but I still managed to get out.  The humidity has gone down a tad, so I wasn’t dripping too much after walking the two miles or so of this loop.  There wasn’t a huge variety of birds now, just the typical herons, egrets, ibis, anginas, and other wading birds.  As I was walking into a hammock, I saw a flash of blue from a Blue Jay, but it was moving too fast to get a photo.  The nesting season is long over and the heat keeps the birds from getting too overactive.  Here are some photos:


Green Heron


Purple Gallinule


Glossy Ibis




Tri-colored Heron


Black-bottom Whistling Ducks


Double-crested Cormorant



Lounging Turtle

Well, that’s it for now, folks.  As you can see, my health has improved.  I’ve been walking and swimming… especially enjoying the swimming as I can keep outside AND keep cool.

Enjoy the rest of your summer season (or winter for the Southern latitudes!).


“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

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The Setup is Complete, the Next Phase is Coming – Episode 1632b

The Setup is Complete, the Next Phase is Coming – Episode 1632b

X22 Report

US DEA admits that criminal activity in cryptocurrencies is declining as the volume increases. There are now more job openings than there are people looking for work, so aren’t wages increasing? The American 1% owed more wealth than any time in history, we saw this during the great depression. The MSM doesn’t know what to do with the economy, they are now saying that this is Obama’s economy and Trump is riding his wave. The Fed is being brought up in the new again, there are now reports that Congress should stop the Fed from destroying documents. The sale of the petrol yuan has increased since the sanctions on Iran.




Lion’s Gate 8.8 Message for the Collective from Source and the Arcturians ~ August 7, 2018


A message from Source, the Arcturians, Archangel Michael, and the Metatron for the month of August and the approaching Gateway of the 8th as we begin our Completion Stage into the 5D experience. Please note that the next Indigo Light video will cover the story behind the book “Confessions of An Indigo Child,” and will bring a revelatory account of the experiences that brought it forth. The “Navigating and Creating the 5D Experience” Webinar will take place in August. Please mention if you are interested in the comment section below, by email at or by pm on the new Indigo Light FB page.

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ARNO PIENAAR: “Aluminium And The Slave Race Of The Matrix”

Ascension Avatar

“Aluminium or aluminum is a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13. It is a silvery-white, soft, nonmagnetic and ductile metal in the boron group.”


Aluminium is a prime receiver for electromagnetic signals from information technology, and it’s being used to maintain a slave race dedicated to the matrix.

The inception of slavery

The foundation of flourishing on this planet without the need to actually depending on the planet and the supporting structures on it, is to regain your earth element.

Those who have their earth element are connected to cosmic consciousness and divine laws, not man’s/god’s laws and trinity consciousness (mind, body, spirit).

When oneself’s foundation is reconnected, then there is only one soul center, no more division, all is one with you and responds accordingly.

Wars are instigated and pushed forward by the ruling elite. They know that the general fear, sufferance and death generated…

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Price of Silence in Hollywood? Paid Hit: $20K – Hollywood Insider Confirms Pedophilia Reports, John Paul Rice

Price of Silence in Hollywood? Paid Hit: $20K – Hollywood Insider Confirms Pedophilia Reports

Sarah Westall

Part 2: Hollywood Producer, Director, and Actor, John Paul Rice, confirms in this video that recent pedophilia and trafficking reports are credible. His experiences and research also point to serious problems plaguing Hollywood which include big-name stars, directors, and Hollywood moguls. His latest movie, “A Child’s Voice”, which you can currently view on Vimeo, depicts a child trafficking ring that operates inside of Hollywood.

Watch “A Child’s Voice” on Vimeo:

Entertaining Strangers

Mystical Journey

I’ve had the amazing pleasure of entertaining angels and guides dressed as humans. I’ve had teachers show me mystical lessons and practical ways of navigating in this life. I’ve met folks going through divorces, losing their spouses, and entering into marriages that have echoed my own past experiences. I’ve seen bravery, strengths and remarkable comebacks from illnesses. I have experienced some incredible phenomenons that aren’t logical and have had aha moments by the thousands. On rare occasions I’ve experienced the tiny percentage of ugliness, complaints, and stress beyond words. When I encounter folks I truly feel their presence (or lack of).

Stories come in all shapes and sizes. When I sit with someone I am always deeply surprised at how folks are truly vulnerable in nature. I am aware that it isn’t my business to fix anyone or make them fully happy. Some people receive what they reflect and everything…

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11:11 Solar eclipse (time sensitive) ~ August 7, 2018


Big bold beginnings are coming your way!

We’re on the precipice of a truly spectacular event.

On Saturday, (August 11th at 5:58am EST) we’re graced with a glorious Solar Eclipse in Leo. The heavenly lineup of planets and numbers in this synchronistic event almost takes my breath away.

That sounds dramatic, but Leo is that kind of sign, so ROAR!


Leo is giving you the gift of courage!

In astrology, Leo is governed by the Sun and is associated with the heart. For you to truly live your soul’s purpose, you must have the courage to express your true self, and allow yourself to shine.

This Supermoon eclipse is teaching you to let go of anything getting in the way of you expressing your authentic nature, so you can fully step into your power!

It’s happening on the 11th day this month, in an 11 Universal Year…

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File Your Own Writ of Mandamus

Patriots for Truth

We have been posting about election fraud and the rigged machines used to spoil our votes and corrupt our elections. In the articles below you will learn how electronic machines – any and all – lose the bi-partisan chain of custody of the vote by converting them into electronic digits and throwing them into the nebulous digital cloud.

You may think that your polling place is safe because you cast your vote on a paper ballot, but once it slips into a Hart InterCivic or other machines like it, your vote is lost in the digital realm. You don’t know where it is and how it is being counted.

Scrap election corruption OpTech software is used across the board in electronic voting and we proved to you that it is a scam run by the globalists to ensure they “win” elections.

Our Conclave team filed a Writ of Mandamus in Washington state and…

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Brazil Court Suspends Glyphosate; What About Doing That, EPA & FDA?

Karma Yoga Daily

By Catherine J. Frompovich, Natural Blaze

The international news agency Reuters reported August 6, 2018,

A Brazilian judge has suspended the use of products containing the agrochemical glyphosate, a widely employed herbicide for soy and other crops in the country, according to legal filings. (Source)

Why would a judge in Brazil take such action, when regulatory officials in the USA think glyphosate is harmless?  Probably because Monsanto and Bayer lobbyists can’t get near Brazilian judges?

CNBC reports the same.

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