The Power of Collective Projection On Spiritual Teachers

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

As so many awaken to spirituality and seek out teachers, leaders, gurus and movements to follow – we find ourselves in need of greater energetic hygiene and awareness of boundaries.

Spiritual discourse is rife with blanket statements that undermine the importance of knowing how energies merge and why one needs to be aware of what they are giving and taking in from others. The guru phenomenon (and current antipathy towards it) is a macro-scale reflection of this need.

I´ve seen this happen multiple times: An aspiring seeker or established teacher begins to be noticed. And despite their best effort, their energies begin to take a life of their own. This arises through the projection of others´ intents, needs and desires upon the human teacher and his/her field.

Depending on the lesson that is taught, the shadow generated can have damaging consequences for both teacher and seeker. The teacher may altogether…

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