ADRONIS: From Human to Spirit (Webinar)

ADRONIS: From Human to Spirit (Webinar)

Brad Johnson

Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, shares insight on how one reaches graduation past the paradigm of human experience and aligns to the nature of their spirit. What must be let go of to reach the connection to spiritual bliss? What is it to be spirit? What is holding one back from becoming this alignment of spirit? Belief systems will be addressed and deprogramming from where you are on the world will be administered. This will give you the greater perspective of what it is to align once again to your spiritual being.

Trump Headed to Lewis Center, Ohio – Home of Leader Technologies, Inc.

American Intelligence Media


TT Headed to ohio

POTUS, will you be dropping off a check to Leader Technologies for the government’s use of its stolen software by the U.S. Patent Office and the IBM Eclipse Foundation which was then weaponized against citizens (by Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, DARPA) to silence free speech and overthrow your presidency?

Your visit to Lewis Center, Ohio is only 500 yards down the street from the Leader Technologies’ post office box.


Michael will be there. He couldn’t get tickets – but he will be outside the high school, in case one of your peeps brought the checkbook.


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Something historic and GLOBAL is happening RIGHT NOW as you read this, and it’s called the great awakening. The mainstream “news” media has lost all credibility across all platforms and now even former hardcore liberals are beginning to wake up. And #Q, which the mainstream media calls “a bizarre pro-Trump conspiracy theory” is at the center of it all. Join me and my guests 412 Anon, Grand Torino and Dragon as we discuss all of the latest.

The Grotesque Truth About FL’s Red Tide Disaster: Lake O’ Green Algae Dumps To Blame ~ August 4, 2018

This is SO wrong!


Editor’s Note: This is just another example of how the deep state (this has it’s root’s in a global organization committed to depopulation) is using any tactic they can think of to cause pain and suffering globally, but concentrating on the two countries with perhaps the worst debt that cannot be paid off…Greece and USA.

Let’s remember the torrid fires in Athens and California prompted by DEW weapons (and something else?). let’s look at weather patterns that are weird and wacky everywhere on Planet Earth, and let’s all watch as global economic and political scenario’s play out (spate of Congressional terms ending, massive CEO layoff’s, social media and Hollywood platforms of control upending) that indicate somethin ain’t smellin’ good Bout the way others have controlled our lives.

MSM has finally gotten around to recognizing (and attacking) “Q” and he/she/it’s breadcrumb trails leading to…(drumroll please) a patriotic reorganization of American life…

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Water, Words and Transformation

Reflections of Riverman

Lao Tzu Water Quote.jpg

It is always a Joy for me to acknowledge Water in its many aspects and share my Love for it with others.

In my personal world I continue to clean up files and photos from an Artificial Intelligence breakdown, on not 1 but 2 of my computers, and try to let go of my attachment to having things where I expect them to be.

However… Water always reminds me that impermanence is not only a part of Life but it is also a transformation which is very simple, yet powerful when we are both “flexible and flowing”.
Our attachment to all that is around us at some point teaches us that we have to surrender to a greater understanding which is both elemental and Elemental.

Water Transforms Everything

I’m often reminded and say to others…
Would you rather be a Rock in the River, or a Leaf on the River?

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Health Dept Shuts Down 7-Year-Old Boy’s Lemonade Stand After Snitches Reported Unlicensed Lemonade

Bureaucracy run amuck.

Karma Yoga Daily

By Matt Agorist, thanks to Natural Blaze

Ballston Spa, NY — As 2018’s summer of snitches continues, a story out of New York shows just how well the see something say something propaganda is working on society. Multiple vendors at a state fair in Ballston Spa, New York called government officials last month to have a nearby lemonade stand—run by a 7-year-old boy—shut down.

As TFTP reported in June, the Country Time lemonade company launched a campaign pledging to pay fines and permit fees for young entrepreneurs who are reprimanded by the police state for their harmless refreshment stands.

The story below proves why that campaign was so desperately needed.

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Doctors Issue Warning To Parents About Risks Of Consuming Processed Meats

Karma Yoga Daily

By Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

In Brief

  • The Facts: American Academy of Pediatrics issues warning to parents about kids consuming processed meats. Processed meat products are carcinogenic and should be avoided, especially by pregnant mothers and children as they are more susceptible to these chemicals
  • Reflect On: With awareness comes change. Should packages of hot dogs and lunch meat come with a cancer warning in the same way that cigarettes do in order to raise awareness? How can we stop supporting these products as something we turn to regularly?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has put out an official warning to parents in regards to the risk of chemicals found in processed meat and plastic food containers. What’s more is the group has urged expectant mothers to eat a diet that consists mainly of whole fruits and vegetables.

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Rays of Light, Part 4

2020 Spiritual Vision


While this might be one of the main reasons I started this blog… this blog has become so much more.  Really I had to be reminded by Spirit to go back and bring these forth.  It does show though that everything you do, each step has a purpose, time and place.  The comments and support have been so felt – know this.  For whatever reason, at first, I was feeling a bit vulnerable placing all of this online.  Wondering if it would resonate with anyone else or, was it just me?  So this is the last of the messages I received and some additional thoughts at the end.  Thank you for reading.  ❤

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BIANCA ZO: “Returning To The Heart Of The Lions Gate”

Ascension Avatar

Why the Lions Gate is actually taking place on/around the 22/23 August, and the importance of going outside and connecting directly with the Stars.

What is the Lions Gate?

I have seen various information being shared about the Lions Gate, what it is and when it is. Most sharers connect it to the 8/8 August Gateway and associate it with the Egyptian Culture and their celebration of a particular significant cosmic alignment — during Sirius’s helical rising (when the Star System rises close to the Sun/Horizon in the East), the Sun is in Leo, and there is an alignment with Sirius and Orion’s Belt. This alignment connects with and activates the Giza pyramid stellar geometries and alignments, as well as the Sphinx which gazes due East to watch Sirius and Orion rise in the early Hours of the morning and thereafter witnesses the Sun Rise in Leo.

It is proposed by…

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