We’ve Passed the Tipping Point in the War: Thomas Williams’ Intel Update from THI August 2, 2018 [video] ~ August 3, 2018


The Tide has turned…

The Great Awakening is in full swing! Finally, a greater number of people are tuning in to the planetary intel updates. That’s an understatement as listenership is currently at 250K per show compared to 50K last year, and 48% of listeners are outside America now. Thomas says the show will see a dramatic increase in importance and visibility very soon; and, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

That’s exciting from my perspective as I recall Thomas saying he has in the past pushed for a global disclosure event. Based on developments with CNN (see below) I’m hoping that could indeed be possible very soon. It’s not even about vindication any longer; it’s the need to unite us all in the common understanding of what has transpired on our planet, why, what needs to be done now, and the vision for our future.

Can you imagine being…

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