Opting For The Heaven You Don’t Know

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen

Opting for the Heaven you don’t know, over the Hell that you do know, will call upon everything in you.

Deep in our essence, we know love in the profoundest sense, yet we struggle to feel it and know it in an everyday sense. We are love. We are heaven. But we took a forgetful journey to the far away land of love’s lack in order to grow into more of love’s ever expanding infinity.

This is where you find yourself now, feeling far away from love, yet actually BEing this love, while feeling the parts of yourself and others that are not yet reconciled to this love that we all are.

You are love, yet you experience hell.

The craziness of this will constantly incline you to attempt to make many temporary and false heavens out of the hell you are actually in. When you live…

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