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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, I speak with a flourish. I say: In terms of the world, responses to all the senses seem to remain all important. A human baby cannot live without being touched. Untouched is deprivation.

What lack of meaning is it to be not seen and not heard and not responded to? What statement of unworthiness does this make?

It’s possible that even being yelled at is better than no glance at all.

Every single one of My Children is a sentient being. How are souls to be nudged without exchange? Holy is the exchange of light. Even two nods on Earth fill the Universe.

To survive, a puppy has to be licked by its mother. Otherwise, a puppy does not know of its existence. An exchange is essential. Every sentient being requires a welcome to Earth. In Heaven, there is only welcome. In Heaven, unwelcome is unknown.


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