Russia Collusion TOTAL HOAX

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Russia Collusion TOTAL HOAX


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Aug 1, 2018 10:56:31 AM – “We already have a smoking gun about a campaign getting dirt on their opponent, it was Hillary Clinton. How is it OK for Hillary Clinton to proactively seek dirt from the Russians but the Trump campaign met at the Russians request and that is bad?” Marc Thiessen, Washington Post

Aug 1, 2018 10:35:47 AM – Looking back on history, who was treated worse, Alfonse Capone, legendary mob boss, killer and “Public Enemy Number One,” or Paul Manafort, political operative & Reagan/Dole darling, now serving solitary confinement – although convicted of nothing? Where is the Russian Collusion?

Aug 1, 2018 10:23:13 AM – “We already have a smocking gun about a campaign getting dirt on their opponent, it was Hillary Clinton. How is it OK for Hillary Clinton to proactively seek dirt from the…

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Must See to Believe: Cali Wildfire Precision Burns Half a House, Rest Untouched? [video]


No thinking person will believe a wildfire did this, so let’s move on to more productive dialogue.

Yes, the devastation in the video looks like the work of precision lasers… but do you think drones or helicopters wielded these weapons? Do you think this is a “manual operation”?

I think this and other illustrations we’ve seen are a case of technology that, once again, we are as yet unaware exists. The fact that they’re perfectly willing to acknowledge lasers suggests it’s not what it seems. Lasers, particle beams and DEWs (directed energy weapons) are old technology, but HOW are they implemented? THAT is the question.

We see the photos and video on the Internet of drones and helicopters shooting green or blue lasers, but are lasers even visible to the naked eye? I believe Deborah Tavares told us they are not, and she’s done exhaustive research on the assault on…

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CONSCIOUS REMINDER: “Your Cat Is Not Just A Pet — You Might Be Sharing A Spiritual Connection”

Adopt, don’t shop! Cats are great companions and teachers.

Ascension Avatar

One does not spend a lot of time thinking about it but cats are more than just pets or animals we see on the streets.

There has always been some kind of mystical significance assigned to cats and for good reason. If you read up on ancient Egypt and Occult, they would know exactly how significant cats are, spiritually.

They are believed to have a very intense energy field, which is why they are always attracted to people with special abilities and auras.

There is also a general belief that cats do not like to mix with humans but science says otherwise. A recent study says that cats enjoy being with humans more than we could possibly imagine.

The study saw 50 cats being kept separate from any kind of human interaction for a week with all of their other needs fulfilled and then resent to human company, which accelerated…

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We are the symphony

Love's beginning

The body is a violin played masterfully by…whom? Could you allow all bodies to be played by that one master who is yourself? Could you agree to see the light of that one master glimmering and then shining and then radiating out of each body? Could you allow life to become a perfect and harmonious symphony? What would you be giving up if you allowed this?

That’s all you can truly do, you know. You can only allow what is to be. All else is illusion. Are you ready to set illusion down? You are holding it in your hand. Are you ready to set it down? Is it precious? Who is the one who values illusion? Who is the one who gives it strength and the sense of reality?

Allow us to be provocative. There is not a thing that you have to do with the body. It will…

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The individual vs. the reality machine

Jon Rappoport's Blog

by Jon Rappoport

July 31, 2018

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Technocratic mystics believe (or pretend to believe) that hooking up brains to a super-computer Cloud will bring on a miracle:

Humans will have instantaneous access to truth, facts, and bottom lines on any subject under the sun. The connection will be automatic.

Putting aside the vast neurological problems in achieving this fantastical hookup, the whole assumption is cockeyed, because censorship is actually the guiding principle.

“We will tell you everything you need to know and exclude everything we decide you shouldn’t think about.”

In other words, the brain-Cloud hookup is major media to the nth degree. Piles of nonsense, deception, omission, lies, and official stories. Mind control.

No need for tech giants like Google and Facebook to de-list, hide, and warn about “dangerous information.” It will be erased.

If that’s a miracle, it’s diabolical.

The brain-Cloud…

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Alt-Epistemology 101: Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out . . . SURPRISE! —


Well, not that I thought I’d figured it all out, but I did think I kind of had a somewhat foggy view of the terrain I had singled out as “important.” But of course I did not. I offer SURPRISE on two levels, one down home, here in Green Acres Permaculture Village, the other out…

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A glimpse of my life as Wakima

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

I got an interesting vision today in meditation. It was as my life as Wakima Sasquatch Elder. I saw a Cree medicine man performing a ceremony. He was chanting and drumming by a fire. The ceremony was for me. He was showing his desire to have me come and sit with him and share my wisdom. I watched him for a while and then walked up to him in full physical form. I sat down across from him as he ceased his ceremony. We talked for a long while. I was teaching him and talking to him about the star elders. When our conversation was finished I got up and walked away and then dematerialized in front of him. I have come to him and others tribes many of times to share with our little brothers.

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