Sasquatch in the traditions of the Tlingit tribes

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Sasquatch in the traditions of the Tlingit tribes

Note: This anthropological research shows that although just about every Native culture knew about Sasquatch, each tribe had a different history of relations with them and different beliefs regarding them.


The Tlingit occupy most of what is today termed southeast Alaska. There, the belief in hair-covered manlike beings called Kushtakaas is still strong today. Although similar to a man-sized Sasquatch, they were (are) believed to be the embodiment of lost relatives… Kushtakaas were essentially men who through near drowning or becoming lost had been influenced by the Kushta or land otters and had grown hair all over their bodies, lost reason and gone to live with others so transformed -the ”land otter people”.

Traditionally, Kushtakaas were able to live off the sea life abundant along the rocky shores and beaches and, like the otter, whistled to communicate to each other. They…

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