The Art of Hyper Dimensional War ~ July 27, 2018


Editor’s note; yes…these attacks are for real! How do I know?…because I have suffered emotional, mental, and spiritual  abuse as a result of attacks by the dark team. You’ll just never know exactly how these attacks will occur, but the result is the inability to think cognitively with spiritual difficulty thereby effectively dimming your light!. IF you are a Lightworker, please red this article and learn how to actively protect yourself…it’s SO worth it, and…



Source: | by Tom Montalk

This is a summary of what I have learned from my encounters with inner and outer demons. Let this text be food for thought and don’t take my word for anything… but do customize what you read here to fit your own experience.
First, understand that you only experience what you need or choose to experience, and what you need to experience was chosen by you…

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