Mercury Retrograde, July 2018 ~ Awareness of Thought Patterns and Blockages ~ July 22, 2018


By Tanaaz

Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods will go retrograde from July 25 until August 18, in the sign of Leo.

Whenever Messenger Mercury goes retrograde, he travels into the underworld, into the depths of our psyche, in order to gather old secrets, clues, and information that we need to go back and look through one more time.

During his travels, Mercury has the job of collecting past messages that either got lost by the wayside or were not heard the first time. Mercury does this in order to bring them to our attention once and for all.

Most of us lead fast paced lives and are always on the go, which makes it hard to always hear and receive the messages that are coming from the Universe and higher dimensions.

During Mercury Retrograde, things slow down and we are given the opportunity to look back over things that…

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