Embracing the sacredness of Spirit : Men and Women


Prayer, Intention, Visualising, Meditation, Writing, Playing, Journeying, Focus.

My journey within, started long ago, I have ventured down the path of Religions, first, being Catholic and going to church, everyday,  as I went to a catholic school, in my 20’s journeying through, being a Born again- Christian, “saving” and baptising everyone, I knew. In my late 20’s becoming Jewish, studying with a American Rabbi Hoffman, who has now since, passed on. Journeying, to India, exploring Temples, prayer, The Mother of Auroville, meditating, next to a chair, where the Dalai Lama sat. Spirituality/ Science/ Metaphysics, Religion, has always called me, the Routine, the set up of the Altar, the wafting of Franckinsense, creating those moments of connecting with the Divine Spirit, a feeling of ONENESS. 

It calls to me, everyday, I start my day with Gratitude, a heart filled with Thank you, for what I experience, what I have, what is…

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