Nirmal Narayanan, 6-22-18… “Trump’s space force could expose US military’s black projects, claims top UFO researcher”

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This article included the video which I posted separately in this Kp blog post. Although this article is basically a summary of what is contained in the video, it aligns nicely with information put forward by Dr. Michael Salla, in his article, “Trump’s Plan for US Space Force challenges Deep State Secrecy“. Dr. Salla highlighted that article with this concluding statement:

“Therefore, the real purpose in Trump proposing the Space Force is that he wants to accelerate the disclosure process by which the technologies and know-how that are used in the Air Force’s Secret Space Program, are taken away from the multiple bureaucracies and corporations that secretly run it – the Military Industrial Complex/Deep State.

“Trump wants the office of the chief executive, the White House, to play a direct role in setting the policy agenda for future space operations, which for decades have been set…

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