Apparitions, No Distance ~ Dimensions and Other Worlds

The New Divine Humanity

I will never forget the first apparition that appeared to me while visiting a house with a friend, only to learn, seeing things from other worlds was not the norm on planet Earth.

I had recently walked into the form that appeared as a teenage female body. The house filled with teenagers, on a warm summer day, were getting together to have fun and relax.

After sitting down, in one corner stood a woman as clear to me as any one else in the room, that were inhabiting what they thought were teenage solid bodies. It is a funny thing to see things others do not see.

This woman was standing there with her left one arm bent at the elbow fingers pointing to the ceiling, with the elbow up blazing with fire.

I asked the teenage host, if anyone had recently crossed over. Suddenly the atmosphere shifted, and he started crying…

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