Amazing Polly: I’m Awake in a Zombie World – The Great Awakening, Walk Away, Q anon

When one person has transcended (risen above) old beliefs, those who are still comfortable to linger with that box naturally get upset… primarily because there is no longer a corresponding frequency level that allows either party to understand the other anymore. It is ALL about frequency and vibration. That is why, oft times, when someone has reached a new level of soul evolution they no longer resonate with what once was familiar and safe. They don’t “fit” anymore and must move to discover new worlds, inner and outer.

Forever Unlimited

[Disclaimer:See my comment below. ~PB]

I’m Awake in a Zombie World – The Great Awakening, Walk Away, Q anon

So you’ve escaped the False Narrative only to find it’s impossible to rescue anyone else. Now what?

“When I look out at what is happening, It’s the same thing that happens within our families, when the Scapegoat speaks the Truth, in front of the Enablers and the Golden Child and the Narcissist… It’s the same thing that’s happening out in the wider world, that the Narcissist and all the people benefitting from the False Narrative…they’re spinning out, they’re losing it, because their whole identity is built on the False Narrative.”


My YouTube comment to Polly:

Very well-spoken, Polly! I found you when your response to “Q – The Plan to Save the World” went viral. I can really relate to what you…

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