Only one item on a long list of suppressed technology about to be released to humanity… Jared Rand has also spoken of the Med Bed extensively.

Higher Density Blog

Published on Apr 18, 2016

Could an Elysium-Style, 5th Element-Style, Stargate-Style Regenerating Medical Bed already exist? Being used successfully this very moment… and for decades gone past? An ET/ Human technology so advanced, it makes all other modern-day medical procedures, dark-ages obsolete? Judge for yourself, as Captain Randy Cramer (USMC SS), describes, how he’s injured body parts, were regular repaired.. within hours… so he could ‘GET BACK OUT THERE’… to do battle with regressive ETs in defense of Mother Earth and her people, our Moon Bases, our Human Colonies on Mars and our bases and embassies through-out our Solar System/ Galaxy & Beyond… as a REAL…TRUE-TO-LIFE, HALO-TYPE SUPER-SOLDIER. While researching / editing this video, I couldn’t stop… literally day and night, watching every single interview / lecture on You Tube, containing Captain Randy Cramer. BLEW MY F#*%ING HEAD OFF… in a good way. If people…

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