Staggering Incident Reports Now Public

The Left may never believe it, but your Obama was and is a criminal not yet tried.

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Official government incident reports obtained by Judicial Watch after three years of delay provide a clearer profile of “unaccompanied alien children” during the Obama administration. A substantial number of the children were abused en route to the United States or in the United States, and government workers and contractors were among their abusers. The Obama administration presided over a humanitarian and public safety nightmare in its handling of the unprecedented border surge.

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Clifford Mahooty (6/02/18) The Zunis & the Star People

Clifford Mahooty (6/02/18) The Zunis & the Star People


Clifford Mahooty is a Zuni Pueblo Indian elder, and member of the tribal orders of the Kachina Priesthood, Galaxy medicine society, Sun Clan, and wisdom keeper of the Zuni history and spiritual practices. Mahooty is a retired Civil/Environmental Engineer (BSCE-NMSU-1969). He worked for Shell Oil Company and various US government programs for housing under USHUD, DOI-BIA planning design, and construction of Indian reservation infrastructures and school projects.

Clifford also served in the US Public Health Service, as a commissioned officer, to provide services to American Indian communities. He served in Oklahoma and Arizona in water, wastewater, and solid waste systems. He served as the National Environmental Justice Coordinator, in the DOI-BIA for the 561 federally recognized Indian tribes.


The Mirrors Of Real Love

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

In any true healing modality that leads to deep conscious transformation, there is a mirror that we inevitably need to face. It may be the Mirror of Validation and Being Seen. This one can feel really good to all the parts of that have yet to get that fully from within. From Self to self. It can also be really triggering as other parts may feel a little distrustful and doubtful of the goodness that is being bestowed as a defense to trauma and a lack of memorable experience in the True Love department.

There is another reflection, too, that is brought by the Mirror of Shadow. The one that parts have ‘unconsciously’ and strategically avoided due to there uncomfortable and unsightly nature. These reflections are just as hard to receive as they are to give. It is a growth edge for the recipient and the reflector, yet in this…

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“Generation Me”: Love Yo’self

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raianna Shai

Okay peeps, let’s jump back on that Millennial train! All aboard the Generation Express!

I’ve been feeling into this topic more and more and even decided to do a bit of research today to get a feel of how others perceive Millennials. The biggest thing I grabbed from this research that ties it all together is the label “Generation Me”. This feels interesting to me because it covers the perceptions of this generation being both narcissistic and open minded. There seems to be an agreement that technology and the Great Recession have had huge impacts on our generation as well.

That felt a bit like writing an essay but part of me (probably my masculine) wanted part of my digestion to be “informed”. Now to feel my feminine intuition and what the plights, struggles and desires are in general for people around my age.

Feeling into this…

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Trump / Putin Meeting Will Seal the Deal Which Pushes the Plan Forward – Episode 1613b

Trump / Putin Meeting Will Seal the Deal Which Pushes the Plan Forward – Episode 1613b

X22 Report

Lisa Page will not testify and she is using the excuse that she did not receive the documents but this is not true. The trial for Flynn has been postponed again. A dead body has been found in the garbage chute of Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. Some government officials are pushing new laws to go after Antifa. DHS refuses to reunite “families” since adults are not the children’s parents. NATO bends to Trump and Trump wants other nations to pay for their share. Turkey will receive the S-400 missile system by 2019. Assad forces widen assault in the southwest of Syria. Weapons have been retrieved from the paid mercenaries and they were US and UK made weapons. Netanyahu is meeting with Putin and one of the strategies is to have Putin sway Assad to ask Iran to leave, in return Netanyahu will have Trump remove the sanctions. This is part of the plan this will allow the US and coalition troops to leave Syria.

The Nerve of This Guy

Visualizing the EU going down in glorious flames due to their unelected globalist arrogance.

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Obviously, for EU President Donald Tusk, the lessons of last month’s G7 summit didn’t take. After destroying nationalistic Brexit plans for the U.K. to exit the European Union, the arrogance of the EU surfaces with pontificating snark. The EU might feel emboldened right now, but this approach will not end well …

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Disruptive Kid Or Highly Sensitive, Undefined, Limitless & Beautiful – The Urban Howl


Courtesy of The Urban HowlDisruptive Kid Or Highly Sensitive, Undefined, Limitless & Beautiful

Robin Lynn

by Robin Lynn April 11, 2018

So many of these doctors want to test me. They see me, they look at me with empty eyes. They see a nuisance, a disruptive kid, a behavioral issue.  Please continue reading

Source: Disruptive Kid Or Highly Sensitive, Undefined, Limitless & Beautiful – The Urban Howl

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Dreams Die Because We Compete So Let’s End This Cycle Of Bleakness – The Urban Howl


Courtesy of The Urban Howl

by Lalita Simon-Creasey March 22, 2018

Somewhere there is a petite little girl of eight
She seems to be resigning herself to her fate,
Of being taught by her parents to compete
It is the only way she will not suffer defeat.  Please continue reading

Source: Dreams Die Because We Compete So Let’s End This Cycle Of Bleakness – The Urban Howl

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The Left Have Gone Bonkers!! Forbidden Knowledge TV, Alexandra Bruce

The Left Have Gone Bonkers!! Forbidden Knowledge TV, Alexandra Bruce

Sarah Westall

Alexandra Bruce from Forbidden Knowledge TV joins the program to discuss the loony tune political show going on in our country. She shares her unique perspective growing up part-time in the United States and part-time in Brazil. This rich experience gave her a completely different perspective on foreign policy and politics that has become very relevant today. See more of Alexandra’s work by visiting her website and by signing up for her newsletter at