Via Jordan Sather 7-8-18… “Amazing Thread by [@_ImperatorREX_]”… “A thread on how Team Trump is preparing the normies for what is coming : major Swamp Draining”

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This was posted by Jordan on Twitter, and I found it to be a most illuminating thread of Tweets by (get ready for it)…
(Yes, that’s this person’s Twitter handle (remember the “_”‘s!!))

( (Current Thread link:

I’ve heard that Twitter handle thrown around before, but this thread really demonstrated how they have come up with some great points about what’s going on.

I’m just going to post the text of this thread he put together on July 8, as I feel it sheds a lot of Light on what the Allaiance (via the DJT) is doing, and how they are going about it. Remember, one of the deals that has to be accomplished is the “waking up” and “joining together” (Unifying) of many differing elements in this process of eliminating the deep state (cabal) and restoring the true Republic of the United States.

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