#WalkAway Movement Is Waking Up Voters ~ July 8, 2018


Let’s add my own two cents on this “Walk Away”movement. Yes, this idea welcome and a very good spiritual idea. Why? Walking away from a negative encounter is the best way to deal with that dark issue. In this way, no “sparks” fly to advance and further the negativity.

But also…simply walking away also balances the emotional state of both those of the dark and the light. Tempers are calmed with true discussion saved for a later time. This is my interpretation of Christ’s saying to turn the other check…just walk away!

So…please read this article, enjoy the video, isn’t it refreshing to see youth decide to take a positive stance in the face of challenge, and…

Source: Activist Post | by Catherine J. Frompovich

Since the #WalkAway Campaign first started, (m)illions of people have watched Brandon Straka’s eloquent explanation of why he decided to “jump ship” from…

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