Upgrades, Energy and Light Codes

The Shift of Time and Energy!

light energy

This is going to be a quicky since I do not have a whole lot of new information to share. at least, that I can remember to share lol.  For the last couple days I have gotten a great case of the energy flu.  I can say that it started with my voice going out, because that is always the most obvious thing to me that upgrades are underway, but I realized yesterday that it actually started with another bout of my psoriatic arthritis flaring up.  What I have never realized before, this particular arthritis often affects the vocal chords, leading to hoarseness or voice loss.

So yesterday, man oh man did I get hit after posting on facebook to send energy.  I almost never request that because I know its upgrades as opposed to something that needs fixing, but man I get so tired of rescheduling, not only for…

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