Pay Attention to the Distractions ∞The Creators

Rainbow Wave of Light


“When there is something that you find distracting in your presence, when something is grabbing your attention, you cannot look away, you cannot ignore, there is something there for you to discover. Whatever it is, there is a reason why you are attracted to the distraction, to the noise, or the imperfection, or the person that you cannot seem to remove your awareness from.

It is important for you to acknowledge these things, and not to simply think that they are fundamentally distracting to anyone who would experience them. It is distracting to you, and it is distracting to you for a reason that you can discover with a little digging. Of course, everything that you come across in your reality, everything that you experience in your reality is put there by you. And you have the tools necessary to discover the meaning of what it is that you have…

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