Benjamin Fulford 7-9-18… “Arrests in August; 9/11 announcement in September; and Jubilee in October?”

Read with discernment…

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New weekly report from Ben. Very powerful information here, and more will continue to come out. Those who are trying to continue the old “darkness paradigms” (the MSM, NATO, NY Times, et al., politicians) are digging their own holes, from which they will not escape. Guaranteed, deals will be made, and the exposure of the planetary corruption will accelerate in the coming months… BIG time.

The Alliance is “winning”, meaning they are accomplishing what is needed for this planet. Some may wish to review this DW update, “David Wilcock 7-3-18 update on his latest article… ‘This may not be the Alliance you WANT, but it is the Alliance you HAVE’“, which relates to this.

“The good guys are continuing to win the secret battle for the planet earth in a big way, multiple sources confirm. As things now stand, there will be a new wave of mass arrests…

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