The Lies from NASA Coming Into Focus [videos] ~ July 8, 2018

NASA, Never a Straight Answer. Yes, there are a lot of “secrets” that need to come out and soon. Keep an open and patient mind in the meantime…


This is another great article from Starship Earth which asks the direct question…why all the drama of a new movie about the Secret Space Program when there should be outright requests for truths so immense that our lives would be improved immeasurably by the technologies withheld from humanity?

Perhaps this movie is the latest “push” for full disclosure, but we of the spiritual bent know that this certainly will appear when the “time is right”. So…please read this article, know the full truth is needed NOW, and…



There are a lot of frustrated, angry people demanding answers about the so-called space programs. There are the visible, pathetic space programs for the masses, and the almost invisible black secret space programs that will do anything to prevent the general population from knowing who they are and what they do.

Inquisitive, distrustful folks research. They use logic and critical thinking…

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