Resting in fulfillment, acting from fulfillment

Love's beginning

When you awake each morning, you have one purpose. It is carried out in many different ways, but you have one purpose–to serve the awakening of all, and in doing that, to serve your own awakening.

The ego encourages you–love–to go in search of satisfaction, but there is something more than satisfaction. That is why when people reach the goals ego has called them to, they feel temporarily satisfied, but still empty after. And that is why they set up another goal to pursue. What fills in all the gaps between goals? Fulfillment. The ego-messages don’t guide you toward fulfillment, which is what you experience when you rest serenely where you are, in full knowledge of who you are. You designed the ego to guide you away from the truth of who you are so you could experience an illusory opposite.

When you discern the difference in feeling between ego-thought…

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