JENNY SCHILTZ – Reality Realignment – 7-7-18

Higher Density Blog

Reality Realignment


We have so much happening on so many levels right now. Things have sped up and intensified in all ways. There is no turning back now as we are being laid bare emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Many are feeling that they are in fact in a different reality with a different set of energetic rules that must now be figured out. Until we get our footing in this new energetic territory we will have to feel our way through. This can cause major disruptions not only in our field but “out there”.

It can feel like a push and pull taking place. Many distortions that were in our field are making themselves known. We are being asked to let it all go and the ease in which we do this can often determine how gracefully we go through this process. It can feel like there are multiple aspects…

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