Godwriting, the Real Goods III | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, Godwriting is so simple, so easy, that it can escape you. Godwriting is like love – nice and easy when it volunteers itself. Godwriting can come to you, yet you cannot make Godwriting happen. You can’t achieve it. You don’t force feed it, nor can you necessarily bear to stop it. It’s a mutually agreed upon process, and you have fallen in love. Which comes first? I suppose My thoughts come first, yet My desire for your Godwriting keeps pace.

Look, Godwriting is a lot like falling in love or like cherry blossoms that fall where they may, and, yet, still, you can shake the tree. The season for Godwriting is in your heart. Your consciousness is the wind that blows the cherry blossoms. Godwriting delights you, and you delight in it. Gathering Godwriting isn’t a project. It needs no introduction. It simply comes about and falls…

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