Latest Message from One ~ July 5, 2018


Once again I was wakened early (for me) this morning to write a message from ONE. These messages are not planned and happen spontaneously. I’m excited by this, but also want to make certain the these messages are from positive and love-filled essence.

When I first read this particular message I thought perhaps the financial abundance we have ALL been waiting for would start flowing today. Not so… but on reflection, perhaps this message is readying us for the uptick in each of our personal finances. It’s worth thinking about how financial abundance will affect your life.

So…please read this message, think about what more money will allow you  to BE, and…



It is I, ONE.

Behold, a new day dawns! Your resulting wealth opens new avenues for the expression of your consciousness. There is no “right or wrong with the utilization of your new funds as this…

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