Godwriting, the Real Goods I | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, Godwriting is a fluid event. You aren’t in charge of Godwriting. Hands down, I am the Godwriter. We can say you are an observer, something of a participant in the background, hardly aware, more as if your fingers move to a tune you almost hear. You are not the discerner of guidelines. You simply Godwrite and take it as it comes.

As a non-credentialed ex officio Godwriter, you are innocent regarding the process. Godwriting is a process that falls to you. You are open to it, yet you know nothing of what will come. You may invite Godwriting subtly, yet you have no say about it. You are subject to My Will. With all respect, the best you can do is to kind of get the hang of Godwriting. Hands off, beloved.

Godwriting is not a science. You don’t become an expert. If you want to hear…

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