David Wilcock… more items from his latest (7-2-18) article… “July 2018 – the month the world discovered the TRUTH” #Q #QAnon

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There were a couple more items that I had intended to point out about DW’s latest, and one in particular had to do with #QAnon postings about this month… “July, 2018“.

This also connects to the #WalkAway meme that is going on right now (Kp blog post 1, post 2). People are waking up to the fact that many who say (and have said for years) that they are “for the people” are anything but. Now, thanks in part to Q and the Anons and many others, all of the corruption is being exposed, and many are waking up to it.

Below are selections from the entire article (and not from any official updates, as this recent post covered).

“[Q post 1595] Desperate agencies do stupid things. Dead cat bounce. You may have the site but we have the source. [DW: The “source”…

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