#GEM: David Wilcock Resigns, GAIA TV Abuses Confirmed #LUCIFER

#GEM: David Wilcock Resigns, GAIA TV Abuses Confirmed #LUCIFER

You Are Free TV

On July 1, 2018, D_vid W_ilcock purportedly resigned from G_ia TV according to Gaia Employee Movement insiders. The full transcript of his letter of resignation is read in this video. Again, the disclaimer of YAFTV is that this letter was confirmed by #GEM and appears to come directly from DW’s email.

The Moves Are Never Telegraphed; It’s All Happening Behind Closed Doors – Episode 1609b

The Moves Are Never Telegraphed; It’s All Happening Behind Closed Doors – Episode 1609b

X22 Report

News about if the FBI was lying to the American people is allegedly supposed to come out, will this happen? The European nations say that they will most likely come up with an Iranian deal in November of this year. People of SK do not want the THAAD system in their country. NK is preparing for the next summit with the US. UN reports are very misleading in Syria, actually, they don’t make sense. Syria has taken 70% of the southern area of Syria. The US, Russia, and Israel are in talks about having the troops leave Syria. The OPCW has reported that no chemical weapons have been used in Duma.

When Life Forces Your Hand, Embrace the New Chapter – Adam Bergen


Courtesy of tiny buddha

Tiny Buddha

When Life Forces Your Hand, Embrace the New Chapter


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” ~Seneca

Like most people, I’ve tried to control many aspects of my life, and this hasn’t always worked in my favor. Just when I thought I had it all under control,  Please continue reading

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The Internalized Cosmic Predator

Winging with Whitehawk

I’ve been on a ride here this morning re: concepts that contemporary culture can largely trace back to Castaneda’s books about a Toltec nagual (mesoamerican sorcerer, shaman, shapeshifter) called don Juan Matus.

Related imageI admit to never really engaging much with Castaneda’s books. I’d start one, then leave it… the content could get more darkly challenging than my “tender spirit” was prepared to take on board. It’s the sort of thing that I had to take in small bites over many years to connect dots and assimilate into my broader sense of existence. Too much at once can create severe cognitive indigestion!

Image result for "assemblage point" meaningIt was actually after his death (or his shift into another realm, as was part of the Castaneda mystique & narrative at the time) that I read with interest the reflective (aka “tell all” 😉 writings of his female apprentices Amy Wallace, Taisha Abelar, and…

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Disinformation is Real; They are Trying to Divide Us. It Will Fail – Episode 1608b

Disinformation is Real; They are Trying to Divide Us. It Will Fail – Episode 1608b

X22 Report

Peter Strzok has been subpoenaed to appear in front of Congress. Yulia’s cousin says that she wants to come back to Russia. Another poisoning in the UK and they say it is the same poison. Rebels reject peace talks with Russia, then ask for demands and continue talks. Q drops more bread crumbs, says the deep state is trying to divide the people and it will fail.

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 6 July 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light


How long is it before you advance into the promised future and experience the many benefits that have been spoken about, it depends very much on you. At present the conditions upon Earth are deteriorating and a solution does not seem to be coming. Yet the answers are known, and it is only a matter of time before a wave of expectation resulting from what is approaching lifts up the people. Certainly many sources have been tirelessly working to get things moving, so that an announcement can be made to keep you in the picture, and encourage a more acceptable outlook.

You are still experiencing the result of the old energies, but they are slowly being dispersed and the souls involved are being lifted up in consciousness. It is no longer necessary to dwell upon past events that have proved to be negative, and it is far better to enjoy…

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Higher Density Blog



Just a quick update and a few thoughts.

First, the signs are not subsiding.  A few days ago, I had a full out vision of a future (unborn) member of my family… It was so powerful and complete and amazing really.  I saw, felt and engaged with this being. As I allowed it, and rested into it, it just kept coming.  I believe it was in my not questioning of it (doubting its reality) that it expanded.  This is so much fun!

Now this next story, well, I believe has a more 3D explanation.  Today is Tuesday and, in this town, they test the tornado/emergency sirens on the first Tuesday of each month.  I was outside, writing, and I did hear the sirens as usual.  What followed was not usual though.

Instead it was something straight out of an old movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. It…

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Power Upgrades ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been waiting for the best possible time to give you the following piece of information, and now is the perfect time, as far as we are concerned. Your light is shining brighter than it ever has before. We are talking to you as individuals and as a collective. You have a collective energy that also has an aura, but you as individuals are shining so brightly that many of the higher frequency extra-terrestrials in physical bodies are taking notice.

They are even more excited than we are because as they see those lights shining, they recognize your readiness for more contact with them. As a collective, the fact that your light is shining more brightly means that you’re ready for a collective upgrade. You are ready to receive more, and that includes everyone…

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