Understanding The Energy System We are In and its Phases and Sub-Phases.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Man oh man, I woke up yesterday and instant fog hit my brain.  I could not think at all, as the day went on, I became so depleted energetically I could have slept all day long.  I had one rescheduled reading to do at 10 am yesterday, opened my mouth to say hi, it was like a car backfiring.  My voice choked and sputtered and just turned off.  Thank goodness it was a scheduled day off or I woulda been pissed.  Not that spirit cares about my pissed-off-ness!!  So I did nothing at all yesterday except babysit my grandson!!

That said, skipping a day of sharing when there is so much information that is new and needs to come out, I cannot retain it all.  So today I am cheating once again and I am going to share with everyone Tuesday nights Nations Class.  I already know I will miss…

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