FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 7-2-18… “The revolution continues as old regimes collapse in Mexico and the EU, plus secret space program disclosure”

In my eyes, there are still a lot of loose ends to clean up in the Washington D.C. swamp, like gutting the FBI, CIA, and other alphabet agencies who are, in actuality agents of the Queen (Senior Executive Services) via SERCO and other corporate entities. Arrogant public servants like Rosenstein, Mueller, Wray, and others need to be given their walking papers and then be tried for their numerous treasons against the American people and POTUS. Despite what Ben reports, it is unlikely that Bill Gates is dead. That story would have made the American news big time and has not.

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Full weekly report from Ben. More big time news, and aligns with David Wilcock’s latest.

“The criminal cabal that has been ruling the planet earth is being systematically removed from power, with the latest being regime change in Mexico and soon the EU. Furthermore, the power struggle in Washington D.C. is definitely being won by the good guys.

“Also, apparently some real disclosure is occurring about both the Roswell “UFO” incident and anti-gravity technology.

“What is definitely real, though, is the ongoing revolution in the West. Pentagon sources are now saying the number of sealed indictments in the U.S. is now up to 40,000 and that mass arrests are likely to start in the autumn. For those who say the arrests will never happen, we can answer that many thousands have already been arrested or removed from power. Over 50 congressmen and senators have resigned, and the top ranks…

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