David Wilcock 7-3-18 update on his latest article… “This may not be the Alliance you WANT, but it is the Alliance you HAVE”

Kauilapele's Blog

This update to his article came out the day after his article did. It has some key points that I will highlight below. All of what is happening needs to be kept in perspective, and with the overall end goal in mind… the draining of the (planetary) swamp, clearing out of the Khazarians, Luciferians, and their minions, and moving forward with healing of the planet and disclosure of new technologies (etc., etc.)

First, I add my own view:

We have been working towards and intending towards this moment in planetary history for (choose one) [months, years, decades, centuries]. We now have an Alliance that is clearly working FOR humanity. Some may accept it or deny it or fight against it, but the transformation and upliftment of this planet IS happening. I am supporting this transformation and upliftment and enJOYing it… immensely. We all deserve it!


“…wildly hateful and spiteful…

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