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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, there is a certain something about life that intrigues you. It’s like life has you over a barrel. Life on Earth likes to have you all sewed up, going at a fast pace, keeping you on edge, faster and faster, keeping you running uphill and downhill, hurtling you through space, seemingly keeping you off-balance, hardly touching base, feeling far afield as if peace and silence are illusion instead of the real deal. You want the real deal.

Certainly, you are off to the races without end and have no idea what you are on to, what you are really doing and don’t know what is going on, nor do you yet grasp what is to come. You feel reminiscent of Jack and Jill running up a hill to catch a pail of water, and then what happens? You come tumbling down and, as if I caught you…

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