Why Ask Bliss For Anything More?

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen

We embraced experience.

We embraced the experience of limitation to contrast our infinity; of time and space to contrast with our timelessness; of preference to contrast with our complete and total ambivalence; of awakening to contrast with our very deep and restful sleep.

Why would anyone or thing wish to awaken from the best sleep imaginable? Why ask bliss for something more?

Bliss realized that it was in motion, that it wasn’t static, that it was on a mission, with a purpose of expansion. It wanted to know and experience what it couldn’t know and experience unless it tried through you.

You are this bliss out having a field experiment, with some control limitations and observations going on; all the things that go on in a scientist’s laboratory. What can we come to know that we don’t already know?

We know there is something more, we just…

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Memories of Old


Mystical Journey

My mother and I moved from Puerto Rico in June of 1976, to Hollywood, Florida. My older sisters had moved there. The middle one was going through a horrible divorce. Mom and I were in a tiny efficiency for a few weeks. She heard shooting and bangs. We heard screaming and chaos. I was 8 years old. She put me in a closet by the tiny bathroom and she hid in the shower. The more “shootings” we heard the deeper the fear. I screamed. She begged me to be quiet. She was crying and praying. I was biting my lips and trying to remain calm. It was a long night. There was no phone in the place. She feared for our lives. Finally it was over. We were wet with sweat and exhausted from the trauma of possibly being shot to death. The next morning she figured out the date…

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‘New Earth Now’ Energies Inviting Us Home

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Inside each and every one of us is a need to belong. I don’t feel it is a desire, but a substantial need that comes from the depths of our essential Unity…our inescapable communion with Love Itself, as my metaphysical mentor Raphael Awen would say. We are infinity and eternally in communion with unity at our core. This is the conscious and unconscious draw to tribe, family, and community. We need it because we ARE it.

Even in your most isolated moments, the ones where a part of you could do without ever coming in contact with another living soul (and there is that part at times), that you can feel the ache underneath. It is just that inside of the emotional body there lies a wound. A pain. It can come in the form of rejection, abandonment, or physical trauma. As we go into the healing journey there are…

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Would You Believe?

Hmmm… I smell a rat… several rats. SES rats!

Headlines With A Voice

Would you believe Hizmet, the second largest charter school company in the United States, has received 2.1 billion dollars in taxpayer money, is operated by Fethullah Gulen, a known terrorist, and is protected by his powerful lobbying of United States politicians?

Would you believe although Hizmet has been indicted and convicted of many crimes it continues to operate and launder U.S. taxpayer dollars that it sends to known terrorist organizations?

Proud Member of AIM Starship Fleet


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When you understand this, you can only be happy.



“Everyone has gone through many experiences in their lives. These experiences
are good no matter how they may appear to you. I don’t care if it’s the most
horrendous, horrible experience on earth. It makes no difference what the
experience is. The only thing that matters is how you react to the experience.
The experience is very necessary or you would not be going through it.
When you understand this, you can only be happy.”

~ Robert Adams

Text & image source: Mystic Path to Cosmic Consciousness https://web.facebook.com/Mystic-Path-to-Cosmic-Consciousness-143005819116554/

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Incoming July Energies Support Change Choices & Integration

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

It doesn’t feel like we’re in a phase of much being activated at the moment, though it depends very much on the phase that you find yourself in. If you’ve recently been navigating some significant life changes, you may find that you’re actually in a phase of integrating them… and if you’re trying to figure out your next step at the moment, or taking some sort of action in order to exit one phase and enter another, you may find that you’re being asked to find some stillness amid challenges that are springing up. It feels like whatever side of “change” you’re on right now, whether in the INcubation or INtegration phase of it, you may be feeling the birth canal of the rebirth these energies coming in are inviting you into. And what’s more is that these changes are a direct result of your awakening journey…

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Transcribed by Seth Buoymaster 5/22/2018
An Ancient One Called Ra-phah (pah) approached me and asked if I would help share some information that is important to help shift many reality fields out of De-Evolution into Re-Evolution. He titles it “Project Re-Evolution.
“One of your Divine commissions you came here to do is ready for action. The time is upon you to do your part in bridging the gap from the future of the Evolutionary Life, to the NOW.”
He went on to explain that life on this planet, the stalled and waning consciousness and the all-out attack on information, has caused a repression of the natural evolution of life towards higher and higher levels of expression.
As we conversed, it was clear that our planet and our species is having an effect on all life everywhere. We are a cog in the clock of life that is causing the…

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Tania Gabrielle: Astro-Numerology Insights: Sun Trine JUPITER – Fortunate Blessings!

Forever Unlimited


Such GOOD news to share!

A fabulous Solar Transit takes place on Thursday, July 5:

Our star, the Sun, is building now to form an exact (120°) TRINE to Jupiter.

LIGHT and JOY are in total harmony!

You will feel like you’re in 7th heaven… confident, filled with wisdom, expansive, happy and thrilled about enjoying your life to the fullest!

On the SAME day is Chiron stations retrograde in Aries, the sign it entered in April (for the first time in 51 years).


On the SAME day is Chiron stations retrograde in Aries, the sign it entered in April (for the first time in 51 years).

Chiron retrograde in Aries activates past-life healing skills in a charismatic, courageous way.

So right now you are evolving into a Healer/Leader – embracing leadership from the HEART.

The Sun trine Jupiter effect keeps the focus on unlocking inner happiness – internal LIGHT that…

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July 4th Red-Pill Fantasy? Mercury opposes Mars and dares to speak? — and more . . . —


That “more” is a fascinating reference to Rudolf Steiner, below, that for me, at least, holds immense resonance. But first, check out the astrology of today, July 5, when transit Mercury at 8° Leo conjuncts the North Node (the path) and opposes Rx Mars at 8° Aquarius, which conjuncts the South Node (the past). …

via July 4th Red-Pill Fantasy? Mercury opposes Mars and dares to speak? — and more . . . —

Caught Up in God | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, there is a certain something about life that intrigues you. It’s like life has you over a barrel. Life on Earth likes to have you all sewed up, going at a fast pace, keeping you on edge, faster and faster, keeping you running uphill and downhill, hurtling you through space, seemingly keeping you off-balance, hardly touching base, feeling far afield as if peace and silence are illusion instead of the real deal. You want the real deal.

Certainly, you are off to the races without end and have no idea what you are on to, what you are really doing and don’t know what is going on, nor do you yet grasp what is to come. You feel reminiscent of Jack and Jill running up a hill to catch a pail of water, and then what happens? You come tumbling down and, as if I caught you…

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