#WalkAway … Brandon Straka, “Why I Left Liberalism & The Democratic Party” (two videos and two articles)

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This has been going around and has really “taken off”. I have held off a bit from posting anything about it, but now, with the US Independence Day celebrations coming tomorrow, this, I feel, really fits in. In essence, to me this is about “Declaring Independence (INNER-dependence)” in all arenas of life, including political, cultural, societal, familial, “allegiances”, and BEing who YOU are. It is very clear that Brandon Straka’s message, #WalkAway, has hit an ENORMOUS “Chord of Resonance” within Hue-manity. Very clear.

The message in his original video is direct and well crafted and brings up numerous data points about the current, quite “out there”, so-called “liberal/Dem” movement that illustrate why he made this video.

The second video is a longer discussion between Brandon and DeflatingAtheism guy. I’ve not seen this anywhere else, so perhaps some will enjoy it. Particularly at 19:50. where DeflatingAtheism guy discusses how many…

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