Freedom Comes From….

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen
Freedom comes from feeling and BEing beyond self consciousness, self judgement, unworthiness….healing beyond the frequencies and energies that parts of you received from 3D life that created the binds and strains, the limitations and the doubts, the dampenings that these create INside.
Freedom comes from being beyond the self made prison of inner criticism…..trying to live up to ideals of perfection creates a constant ‘not good enough’ message from part of you that forms walls and barriers to letting in love with self, with others, and with the Divine.
Freedom comes from realizing that YOU hold the key to unlock the prison doors……when you realize that the key is your heart and its capacity for self forgiveness, self compassion, discernment WITH love, humility, and gratitude. NO ONE else can set you free and no one else can actually imprison you either. You are the creator…

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