Call to Action July 4 + 5: Don’t Use Cell Phones & GAIA TV Run by Satanists | You Are Free TV [video] ~ July 4. 2018

My cell phone spends a lot of time turned off…


Thanks to Starship Earth for this one!


There’s so much going on that folks have to cram a lot into videos and blog posts.

If you listen to Thomas Williams you already knew that GAIA TV (or GAIAM) is run by the dark side, but if you doubted, perhaps you’ll believe it from this additional source. When you control the media, you control the information.

She begins the video by saying there is a call to action in the US and Canada—possibly globally—to turn cell phones off for two days as a statement about 5G; the premise being that if they’re going to roll out 5G to harm us, that we just won’t give them the pathways to do that.

I have a flip phone and rarely use it, but for those of you with “smart” phones that you use for so many things, I can see it might…

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