We’ve only just begun to fight, freedom lovers and patriots! Have a wonderful 4th of July, remember what the Declaration of Independence truly means and give thanks for President Trump and for everyone standing shoulder to shoulder who is taking a stand for #2ndAmRev and the completion of the American Revolution to defeat globalist Tyranny within our borders and in solidarity with countries worldwide who are saying NO to totalitarian globalism. #WWG1WGA!

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Things We’re Watching on Independence Day: Space, ‘The Final Frontier’ Hoax & Our Over-Active Skies [videos] ~ July 4, 208


Thanks to Starship Earth for this post!


There is yet another SpaceX cargo launch today. This is a live stream if you’re interested, with the Falcon 9 Dragon rocket. Why do they need so many rockets taking “cargo” to the ISS? There was one earlier this week in the middle of the night, we heard, leaving all kinds of bizarre coloured smoke in the sky over Cape Canaveral.

And since we’re talking about “space”, Brasscheck TV reveals the manipulation.

Cutting through the “space as the final frontier” baloney: A justification for continuing to destroy the earth

Understanding the popularity of Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and other media created bullshit artists

There’s a sure way to getting media attention these days.

Make some wild-eyed claim about how space exploration is necessary for human survival.

If space exploration is necessary for human survival, we’re in deep trouble.

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Malloch or MOLOCH? Either way – Evil Is As Evil Does

Patriots for Truth

We have been accumulating so much intel on Mark Malloch-Brown that we opened up this post to keep our notes. Please feel free to drop by and gather new pieces of information as we find them. We will add our most recent findings to the top of the thread.

You will find links to articles that we have posted that contain info as well as “loose” notes that haven’t found their way, yet, to finished articles. Feel free to use our research material and if you produce a video or article on Malloch-Brown or any of the corrupt Privy Council members, send them to us. If they resonate with our trajectory, we will post for others to see.

Will Romney Defeat Jenny Wilson by Rigging Utah Election with Smartmatic Machines?


Indictable Evidence: Foreign Interference in US Elections Since 2005


Lord George Malloch Brown

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown’s bio only cursorily discloses that he is…

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SUSAN VIVYAN: “Thoughts And Words Are So Important”

Ascension Avatar

Watch your words carefully as they carry more power than you realize.  Many are becoming aware of the power of thoughts, words and are more discerning in their choices.  Yes, it is a choice moment by moment.  More immediate results than you realize.

It is via stillness, meditation, concentration, awareness that you become aware of the power of your thoughts; words leading to actions.  When one is the observer in the 3rd person and not immersed in the drama of their own making a wiser perspective emerges.  Greater understanding with more discernment guides daily choices.  The inner reflects the outer and more discretionary decisions are made.

One can still be very present, live in the moment; however, the focus of an aware life is more refined like sand which slowly and gently flows through your fingers with little abrasive quality.

Listen to the words of others but more importantly discern…

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Call to Action July 4 + 5: Don’t Use Cell Phones & GAIA TV Run by Satanists | You Are Free TV [video] ~ July 4. 2018

My cell phone spends a lot of time turned off…


Thanks to Starship Earth for this one!


There’s so much going on that folks have to cram a lot into videos and blog posts.

If you listen to Thomas Williams you already knew that GAIA TV (or GAIAM) is run by the dark side, but if you doubted, perhaps you’ll believe it from this additional source. When you control the media, you control the information.

She begins the video by saying there is a call to action in the US and Canada—possibly globally—to turn cell phones off for two days as a statement about 5G; the premise being that if they’re going to roll out 5G to harm us, that we just won’t give them the pathways to do that.

I have a flip phone and rarely use it, but for those of you with “smart” phones that you use for so many things, I can see it might…

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Freedom Comes From….

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen
Freedom comes from feeling and BEing beyond self consciousness, self judgement, unworthiness….healing beyond the frequencies and energies that parts of you received from 3D life that created the binds and strains, the limitations and the doubts, the dampenings that these create INside.
Freedom comes from being beyond the self made prison of inner criticism…..trying to live up to ideals of perfection creates a constant ‘not good enough’ message from part of you that forms walls and barriers to letting in love with self, with others, and with the Divine.
Freedom comes from realizing that YOU hold the key to unlock the prison doors……when you realize that the key is your heart and its capacity for self forgiveness, self compassion, discernment WITH love, humility, and gratitude. NO ONE else can set you free and no one else can actually imprison you either. You are the creator…

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Pascale's Healing Journey

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. Albert Camus

Very recently, after a 200 m dragon boat races, one of my teammates stated that she felt she was unfit because after such a short race, she was feeling out of breath. Someone then told her that it was normal to be slightly out of breath because it was a very intense effort and that what really mattered is how quickly she recovered.  Resilience is the same. It is not how low we fall but how quickly we recover.

Narcissistic abuse is particularly devastating and to recover from such a traumatic event requires a high level of resilience. Wen I was undergoing therapy, my therapist told me that I had a high emotional intelligence and that I was very resilient. I was surprised, when she said this, because I was completely broken…

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We Have The Server, Tracking It All, Cornered ~ July 3, 2018


Facebook is now being investigated by the SEC. Strzok said was going to testify to congress in a public forum but has now backed out because his attorney says its a trap. The Judge in the Flynn case moved the date up, Mueller wanted it sometime in August. Merkel surrenders immigration to keep her party intact. Iran has met with the Swiss and they are on the same page in regards to the nuclear deal. Russian troops arrive in Syria near the border of Jordan. Syria liberated 27 more areas and has made an announcement letting the people know they can come back to the country. Syria says it is time for the US to leave Syria, there is no reason for the US or the coalition forces to be in their country. Q has dropped many bread crumbs, they have the server, the deep state is cornered and their…

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