Complete up to date lessons from Balana

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Lesson 1- I was out in my backyard eating a sandwich walking around. I saw a forest friend within my plum tree. I decided like I do a lot of the time to go and stand within its energy. I didn’t know which individual forest person this was. As I was standing within I felt lighter and my vision altered. I thought what if I was to meditate today within this energy? I then got an answer. “Come to me in the purest way and I will share with you.” I thought who are you? I then got Balana my clan leader but wasn’t positive. I said ok and left and took a shower. I was in the shower thinking about coming in the purest way. I received “Pure of heart and pure of body.” I said what am I supposed to go out there naked? My neighbors would not…

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