Elen of the Ways and the 4th of July

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The day before American Independence Day seems an appropriate a day to repost Door Number 17: Elen of the Ways. This afternoon brought a lovely synchronicity train of events leading me right back to this post and the door’s ongoing reminders of support. I already reblogged the original portal door entry once before, but here’s the link again. As we face down the “Agenda’s” in our own neighborhood, protecting our trees and our own sovereignty, it occurs to me that others may be feeling similar dynamics in their own lives — whether internal or manifested in the world “outside.”

Lately, I’ve found such powerful support for people saying “no” to any kind of abuse or manipulation. I’ve seen people formerly sucked dry by energy vampires regain their strength and glorious energy. As Rumi says, “There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.”

Blessed Be … and…

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The Rattle And Shake Of Shifting Timelines

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Just finished with moving into a new place with my beloved Kalayna. There were some ‘obstacles’ along the way that made it bumpy at times. These practical annoyances really can shine a light on what we need to feel as we shift timelines.

When we awaken, we are recognizing the vehicle of one timeline is running out of gas. There is a realization that what we have been in relationship to no longer fits the compartments we have set up for ourselves. This can take the course of years, or hit us square between the shoulder blades in a short compressed moment.

You can either stay within the confines of that worn-out, yet comfortable creation parts of you have so diligently maintained, or you can choose to expand the scope of what life is really wanting you to heal and claim. The choice can be maddening for the parts of…

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Getting Familiar With The 2018 Next-Level Energies — HighHeartLife


“We know why the December 21, 2017 Solstice through March 20, 2018 Equinox quarter was extra difficult and isolating for many of us; we’re about to get energetically blasted like never before, so an intense preparation period was required beforehand to be able to Embody and seed what’s coming. We (specifically the Forerunners of the […]

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Don’t Give Up, Just Go In: Claiming Your Multidimensional Reality

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

There are so many moments that can bring us to states of overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, and uncertainty. There may be no known conscious cause and it just is what it is. Letting that be what is real and true allows space for it bring to you what it is meant to.

It may be deep rest, a well-timed cry, or much-needed scream. It could be an indication that inner shit is hitting the fan and parts of you have had enough of this and that. It is timelines colliding, collapsing, and ready for reformation.

We are a superhighway of soul dimensions that can be hell for parts of us to be with if we haven’t felt ourselves as separate from them. Letting them move through you with compassion and self-care is a big step forward. It creates the ground for deeper exploration when the dust has settled. Claiming your multidimensional…

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AWAKENING 5D HEALING: “Energy Update — The Event Is Happening”

Ascension Avatar

Here we go friends. The great shift is in full swing now! We are being transformed from the inside out. We were one thing and now we are becoming something quite different. Upgraded humans are walking among us, we are them, they are us. We are becoming a unity consciousness race. Evolved beyond the terrors of the third and fourth dimensions. We are rising to higher dimensional wavelengths. The Blood Moon and spectacular Lunar Eclipse on 27th July mark the great of a great tidal wave of light. We are being propelled to raise our inner vibration in turn manifesting inner love to outer peace. We are transforming ourselves and our world. We are birthing the new earth.

The crystal children are here, awakening, and woke. They are here to change dark to light. To let Gaia breathe and unfurl her wings of true beauty and higher consciousness. The rainbow…

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Your Trump Tweet Package Has Arrived

AIM Truth Bits

New Trump Tweets Have Arrived


Twitter     Presidential Tweets


Jul 3, 2018 09:00:22 AM – Now that Harley-Davidson is moving part of its operation out of the U.S., my Administration is working with other Motor Cycle companies who want to move into the U.S. Harley customers are not happy with their move – sales are down 7% in 2017. The U.S. is where the Action is!

Jul 3, 2018 07:03:40 AM – Just out that the Obama Administration granted citizenship, during the terrible Iran Deal negotiation, to 2,500 Iranians – including to government officials. How big (and bad) is that?

Jul 3, 2018 06:16:18 AM – Many good conversations with North Korea-it is going well! In the meantime, no Rocket Launches or Nuclear Testing in 8 months. All of Asia is thrilled. Only the Opposition Party, which includes the Fake News, is complaining. If not for me…

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Julian Assange celebrates his 47th birthday in complete isolation from all humanity today.

Forever Unlimited

Imagine for a minute. Julian Assange in political captivity for 6 YEARS.

NO medical treatment.
NO sunlight ever.
NO walk in the yard.

Now last 100 days:

Worse than any prisoner.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

#FreeAssange! (tweets by campaign)11
11 hours ago

Julian Assange celebrates his 47th birthday alone today. For publishing about great power he has been gagged & isolated, detained without charge for 2,765 days, in violation of two UN rulings. Human Rights Watch is denied access to him.

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JOE MARTINO: “Why ‘Conspiracy Theories’ And Spirituality Are Intimately Connected”

Ascension Avatar

“The cabal, are just souls having an experience too, and we all agreed on this together. This doesn’t mean we accept what they are doing in the physical and just take it, no, it simply means we must evolve our consciousness and overcome the need for them, for it to stop.”

~Joe Martino

Is it considered ‘not spiritual’ to talk about an elite or cabal running our world? This has become a commonplace today, and there is a great deal of ridicule that comes when people feel looking at the truth of what is playing out in our world is ‘crazy’ or a ‘negative’ thing to do. In fact, the ‘negative’ label on conspiracy theories we place is one of the biggest spiritual bypasses we can do. Let’s dive into this.

The truth is, understanding the way our world truly functions and consciousness evolution (spirituality) go hand in hand. Why?…

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Emmanuel Dagher: Consciousness Upgrade – July Energy Forecast

Forever Unlimited

Emmanuel Dagher: Consciousness Upgrade – July Energy Forecast

Hi my friend,

I’m grateful to connect with you in this way today. We have a great deal to catch up on, so let’s get right to it.

The energetic winds are picking up speed and changing their direction. This new shift began with the summer solstice, and will continue to increase over the next few months.

As a result of this shift, humanity will experience another gigantic leap in consciousness.

It has been a little while since such a leap in consciousness has taken place within the collective. All of life in the Universe will feel and notice this deeply, including all living things on our planet.

It will also have a tremendous effect on the next part of our personal and collective journey.

What a Gigantic Leap Means for Us

When we move through a gigantic leap of consciousness, or…

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