The End Game…July 1, 2018


I was sent this message below by one of my spiritual friends and cannot authenticate it’s truthfulness, however…the idea is GREAT!

Many know the world seems to be “falling apart at the seams”, and personal lives are not immune to this time of dilemma and stress. Others may have some idea of why changes are occurring…but no one KNOWS for sure. Regardless of our ignorance of details and timing, major change for humanity is a given.

Those in the spiritual arena approach these changes with confidence (albeit shaky at times) and joy in their understanding that a better existence awaits regardless of unknown details. many theories abound, the the common core of every spiritual approach is the theme of better times ahead!

So…please read the message below, the details could be wrong, but the inference of “better times” is real and, infectious. red between the lines, and…




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