Experiencer story, by Anonymous from England

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Hi Bo, Here it is – it is quite long, but it’s difficult to tell the story in context with a shorter version. I’d prefer anonymity and have changed/omitted names

The events which first occurred on a warm night in 2014 were so unprecedented (as I came to learn), so life-changing and so highly unusual, that there was no chance of resuming anything like a normal life if I was to trust the experience and not reject it all as hallucinatory. People tend to describe the world according to their sensory input coupled with experience and heart-intuition – the world as seen, heard, felt and smelt, and would likely take offence if they were routinely disbelieved, simply because the listener had not experienced it for themselves, ie the “No, you didn’t see a shooting star because I saw nothing” school of disbelief.

Without new input, be it educational, sensory…

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