Breathtaking hoodoos of Bryce Canyon

Where to next?

Bryce Canyon National Park Hoodoos everywhere you look

Bryce Canyon National Park Looking out over a bit of Bryce Canyon

Sorry to have been silent for so long. I’ve actually followed the wise advice given by those who said to enjoy the adventures and not worry about the blog until I had enough time and a better internet connection.

It’s given me the chance to savour all the sights and think about how to share them with you. So let’s start with one of the most unusual—Bryce Canyon.

Located in southwestern Utah, Bryce Canyon is actually a collection of giant natural amphitheaters running along the east side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau.

Bryce Canyon National ParkBryce Canyon National Park

Named after Ebenezer Bryce (a local settler) and designated as a national park in 1928, the canyon is a product of the weather.

Many millions of years ago, the area was filled with water. But after the water subsided, the transformation began with the limestone canyon walls…

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