Selected Works of George William Russell (A. E.)

Our Spirit

George Russel AE 1George William Russell, AE (1867-1935)

 “Radiant life at its fountain feels that in seeking for beauty she is growing more into her own ancestral being, that divine energy which is wisdom, consciousness, and  energy all in one.” –  AE

Compiled by Douglas Gabriel 


George Russell (AE) wrote some of the most beautifully crafted poems and essays in the English language and is yet virtually unknown. He was also a brilliant Theosophist and philosopher who touched the lives of spiritual seekers profoundly. But his love was painting and the arts where he excelled and some might say, has yet to be surpassed.

George William Russell was an Irish poet, painter, essayist, and mystic, who wrote under the pseudonym “A. E.” Born April 10, 1867, at Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, his family moved to Dublin when he was ten, where he was able to attend Rathmines School. He had…

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