Headlines for June 29, 2018; The Battle is Hotting Up and Speeding Up [videos] ~ June 29, 2018


Going into the weekend, we already have a “mass shooting” in Maryland, same old story with a long gun, this time, and Thomas Williams said last night on the THI show June 28 there is a rumour there may be another violent attack this weekend wherein President Trump is blamed, so heads up.

There were some surprising pedophilia-related arrests, too, this week—but that’s another post.

The factions are clearly in desperation mode and trying to keep the lid on the pot. They think they can win this war and still remain in the shadows so the masses don’t know who is controlling their fake reality. If they could fight openly—it would be very ugly, but over sooner.

Since few even understand we’re embroiled in a war, however, the turtle approach is probably better. It’s just unbelievably frustrating for those of us who understand who these creatures are and what is…

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