Message from Gaia

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

As my feet touched the ground I was listening to Byron Metcalf and preparing to meditate. I felt a vibration on my feet as they nestled into the grass. I felt it before, but this time Gaia seemed to want to connect. She was calling me. All the times I have talked with her I used her frequency. 136.1 Hz C Sharp. A video by Bashar with this tone tuned me into her. As I listened I felt a calming effect. Like the breathing of a mother but in a constant tone. I felt Gaia’s loving embrace. Comfortable I asked do you have a message for me? “Yes, my child, I have a message for all my children. Even the ones that do not know me or abuse me. I love all of you and we are all connected. Me evolution is connected with your’s. Your consciousness across me affects…

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