Kilauea_Eruption Update 6-28-18… “Two Videos illustrating the Massive Changes at Kilauea” (and one more with flowing lava)

I happen to agree with K.P. here… Pele is in charge. Of course, scientists get excited like children when confronted with something new. They’re trained to use data to “prove” something when just looking and feeling will give you what you need to interpret and experience this wondrous event. Watching new land being born is stirring to the heart. And all the new land will be protected from the desecration of development.

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Not much to say here. I will say, even though I can enjoy the “data-spewing” coming from all the scientists, I would much prefer to hear more about what the Hawaiian-Lemurian-Pele connected poeple would say about what’s going on. I mean, enough of the “data data data”. Seems that none of these speakers has any actual connection with the Essence of Pele, or Kilauea, or Halema’uma’u. (Well, maybe eventually I’ll find some over here who could share that.)

I will note that the second video does have many views which I have experienced while at Kilauea, on missions and other trips there.

These are from Big Island Video News.

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