Hub Handshake – Ascension Glossary

Use these techniques or make up your own. True “spirituality”, which is connecting with YOUR higher Divinity is meant to be simple. You do not yet realize just how powerful you are, truly.


Courtesy of Ascension Glossary

Hub Handshake

Many of the Galactic and Planetary Grid Workers have been setting up communication links that act as “handshake hub fields” to help the Guardian Races access the new communication links needed to become a dual communication exchange with Krystal Star on the earth. These are spinning vortexes moving into toroidal transformer fields with a neutral core (an example is our 12D Hub) which are designed for multi-purposes to run corrected current of higher frequencies. The Hub Handshake is the way Christos Starseeds poke holes in the NET to communicate with Krystal Star and Christos races. Corrected current of the 12D Ray are capable to reset and reprogram Anubian Black Heart systems in the Planetary Grid Networks. Also another purpose is to step down Zero Point Field and cosmic Christ intelligence Blueprint into collective consciousness field matrices that act as a buffer to stabilize…

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